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This Website Uses Cookies By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. If you are willing to eat sugar and honey then learn about how sugars trigger the release of inflammatory messengers called cytokines. I love the taste of Brown Cow yogurt, but it may be loaded with honey or sugar. I love Brown Cow vanilla yogurt… you can dtill read the labrl snd choose not to eat it if you are not pleased with the sweetener… but gor you to snub your noses at them because they use sugar…is, well obsurd. I hardly ever buy flavored yogurts and prefer organic plain whole milk yogurt.

I love Strauss and so glad my Coop carries this brand. I will try the recipe. Thanks for this post! We are an all natural family, with twin three year olds. I am struggling with knowing too much information about food and not giving my kids a food complex.

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I treat them with Organic candy canes and gelato. We make paleo chocolate chip cookies, decorate christmas cookies all natural food dyes , they are not missing out!

However, my struggle is when we leave our house…. Hi Sara, You sound like my older sister- she too has twins and 4 boys total, all under 7 yrs of age. She struggles just like you with birthday parties school snacks etc. She used to feel bad and was afraid that people would think she is snotty- and some people do. But she has come a long way in quitting the people pleasing thing, and has politely told other parents and teachers that her children do not eat processed or un-organic food. Her oldest boys struggled a little with it when they began school, but she has educated them through documentaries etc.

Xo Hannah. Our Natures Grocers used to sell Noosa. Can you tell me a brand to look for?

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I happen to be the maker of this yogurt. I am talking only about the taste which is tangy.

I have no time to read online so I print out blogs to read while we are on trips. I did pre-order your book on amazon but want to start learning now. Been buying Berle Farm Organic yogurt. Unfortunately, the top is plastic, but yogurt is really yummy! And I forgot to ask about the vegetable yogurt — Blue Hill Yogurt?

My 14 month old loves it. They market tubes to kids that I buy for my children. I read the label it looks great, but wanted to know the thoughts of other consumers.

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Any ideas? I think I would try using your favorite yogurt as a starter, because the live cultures contained in it should produce a similar flavor in homemade yogurt! Homemade milk kefir is a way better replacement. Debi, do you have a link to instructions on making your own milk kefir? I also use the Dash yogurt maker which is really simple and makes good yogurt, regular or Greek strained or Labneh yogurt cheese which is delicious.

I also use the Dash yogurt maker which is easy to use and makes regular yogurt or Greek yogurt strained or Labneh yogurt cheese which is delicious with herbs and olive oil on pita bread! Your recipe is the same I use. I usually will put all of it in a big glass bowl with a lid, wrap it in a few dish towels and set in the microwave or oven. This will keep it warmer and will culture faster.

Can I Freeze Dannon Danimals Smoothies?

Thanks for the info! I have tried Maple Hill Creamery yogurt. My son, now 2, and I love it. We find it at our local Kroger. Is that safe? I also do coconut yogurt brand So Delicious Greek Yougurt with no carrageenan. They also make a yogurt with that ingredient so you have to read the labels. No, no, no! Followed the recipe to a T, but am left with several glass jars of milk—very liquidy, not yogurty at all.

What went wrong? I used Maple Hill Creamery as my yogurt starter. Any thoughts? Do I risk using it with my cereal tomorrow? You may be accustomed to eating yoghurt with a higher fat content, lower water content, or added thickeners. Home-made yoghurts are typically thinner less viscous than most commercially available varieties in North America. The live cultures will grow best between degrees F, and I believe anything over degrees will kill the live culture. If it is allowed to cool below degrees, the culturing might not happen at all, or might happen very, very slowly.

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In my kitchen, the jars will not stay warm enough to properly culture the yogurt by just covering the jars with a towel. Some of my friends use a heating pad around the jars, then wrap with a thick bath towel.

RE: Can I freeze Dannon Danimals Smoothies?

Also, for better results, it is helpful to allow the live culture starter yogurt to warm to room temperature or up to degrees, before stirring it into the prepared milk. If the yogurt successfully cultures but seems too thin, you can use a very fine strainer to drain out extra liquid. When my daughter was little I used to buy GoGurt for her all the time thinking she was eating a healthy snack.

Blueberry was my favorite flavor.

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Who needs yogurt when you can make kefir by fermenting milk? Thank you Vani for shining the light on what has been done to our food. I have been frustrated not only by the ingredients but the change of taste of store yogurt from being tart to way too sweet. Also, I prefer higher milk fat items than low milk fat with thickeners.